Purple Lotus Saturday Soirée
1st Anniversary Full Moon Edition
18th December 2021

Purple Lotus is one whole year old and we're delighted to be able to celebrate that milestone with you - our Purple Lotus Community.


Announcing our 1st Anniversary Saturday Soirée Full Moon Edition being held at the beautiful

Wabi Sabi at huna by the Pond in Al Quoz Pond Park


We've planned a wonderful few hours for you with some amazing experiences and opportunities to connect with both yourself and the community. We wanted to make this Saturday Soirée as special as possible to honour and celebrate you, our community, that make Purple Lotus possible.

Wabi Sabi at huna by the Pond is located in the beautiful Al Quoz Pond Park - an unexpected little Oasis which is super easy to get to and has ample parking. Its relaxed, calm, outdoor setting provides us with the perfect location to host our 1st Anniversary Saturday Soirée and allows us to take advantage of the fantastic weather with all experiences planned to take place outside under December's full moon. 


Wabi Sabi at huna by the Pond specialises in sublime Vegan food and will be treating us to a mouth-watering 4-course set menu. Alongside this scrumptious food, we're also providing 4 special wellness experiences:


Gong and Sound Immersion with Zarine Dadachanji - @zarinedadachanji


Transition to a higher level of deep relaxation with Zarine’s Sound and Gong immersive experience. In the Quantum Jumping meditation, you will be guided through some breathing, a Theta state of relaxation, a process of meeting your future duplicate self who has already manifested all that you dream of achieving in the months ahead. The Sound of Gongs will then embed the frequencies of your manifestations deep into your cells. Zarine’s most popular meditation and one not to be missed.    


Power Visualisation with Shernaz Dubash

Aligning with the beautiful space and essence of the evening, Wabi Sabi, allows Shernaz to take you to the deepest Theta state of relaxation, unleashing fears, layers of conditioning and beliefs that need to be released to make space for your authentic self to blossom, imperfect in all facets yet perfect and unique in totality. A powerful visualization journey where participants have removed their past paradigms felt a cathartic shift in their self-worth and ability to manifest and co-create the life they want to design and live going forward.


What is the Wabi Sabi way of life? -  An ancient Zen Buddhism philosophy and a concept that motions us to constantly search for the beauty in imperfection and accept the more natural cycle of life. It reminds us that all things including us and life itself, are impermanent, incomplete and imperfect. Perfection, then, is impossible and impermanence is the only way.

Nuerographica Art with Maria Zheleznova - @art_escape_uae

Visualize yourself by the lakeside, sipping on a glass of delicious healthy juice, in a relaxed state of mind, holding a pen or a marker to paper (it’s okay even if you have never ever been able to draw a straight line), be amazed as Maria guides you to unfold patterns and unravel the answer that lies in your subconscious mind. The finished piece of art is for you to take home and retrospect.    


Being in the zone, move on to experience Nuerographica Art by Maria Zheleznova. Every question has a graphic solution. Nuerographica is the art of positive change based on neuro research, bionics, Gestalt therapy, NLP and analytical coaching. It is a unique way to address any situation in your life and to manifest your dreams into your reality. A powerful and transformative technique!


Shake and Flow and Yoga Nidra with Amy Pope - @becomethechange.co

Shaking is our body’s natural response to releasing stress, tension, and trauma. A simple yet powerful technique, its aim is to release stuck energy and fear in the body, which can build up over time and manifest as disease. In a fun, silly way, through movement and music, allow Amy to guide you to set free all that is stopping you to step into your authentic space. Followed by a deep relaxation lying down meditation Yoga Nidra, a blissful experience to unwind and relax.

Special Offer: If you bring along and introduce up to two guests to the Purple Lotus Community we'll give you a 10% discount on the price of your package.

Make sure to book your spot now!  We can't wait to welcome you to our 1st Anniversary Full Moon Edition Saturday Soirée and look forward to seeing you in person on the 18th of December!


Saturday Soirée Full Moon Edition - what's included:

- A Wabi Sabi at huna by the Pond delicious plant-based 4-course set menu designed specifically for Purple Lotus

- A Power Visualisation class with Shernaz Dubash

- A Nuerographica Art session with Maria Zheleznova

- A Shake and Flow and Yoga Nidra class with Amy Pope
- A Gong and Sound Immersion session with Zarine Dadachanji

- A 1st Anniversary gift from us to you to thank you for being part of our community.

- Ample free parking.

Time: 3:30 - 9 pm
When: 18th December 2021
Location: Wabi Sabi at huna by the Pond - Al Quoz Pond Park, Dubai (www.wabisabiksa.com)
Cost: Only AED 388 per person


As always there is limited availability so please book now to secure your spot.

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